7th Grade Reflection

When I first arrived in 7th grade during august I thought of friends and how I couldn’t possibly memorize to locker combinations. But when I first arrive in august I didn’t know a thing about what 7th grade was really about. Homework.

Ya playing sports for your school is really fun but when your on A-team and the games end at 10:00 on school nights, doing homework after getting your head knocked in at least a dozen times is like trying to walk on your hands instead of your feet. Even after football season is over, we always had those annoying reading notes from science and since Spanish is a high school course we had work sheets every single night.

Honestly I can’t wait till summer. I’m going to camp which is basically heaven. Also I’m on a 7 on 7 football team and we might be able to go to some tournaments in Houston and Dallas with my friends who are also on the team.

Summers Almost Here

I’m so excited for Summer. There is only a month left of school. I can picture the last day of school in my head right now. Movies the entire day: Oh and the last five minutes is torture everybody’s staring at the clock waiting to go flying out of the building! But one of the best things on the last day of school is the dodgeball tournament.

My friends and I always make a team for the Holiday Dodgeball Tournament and the Schools Out Dodgeball Tournament. The holiday one is on spring break and the schools out tournament is self explanatory. We won the last tournament but it was really scary when we almost lost to the girls because we didn’t want to throw the ball too hard.

Oh ya and the best part about summer is camp! I go to Camp La Junta with two of my best friends I’ve know since pre-k, at camp they have all kinds of cool stuff like fishing horse back riding and my favorite Hunter Safety. In Hunter Safety you learn about gun safety and all that stuff but the best part is blasting shotguns at clays.

Anyways I know I’ve excited about summer and I hope you are too!

The Incredibles

Boom, Pow, yeah my brother and I screamed as Mr. Incredible blew up the spider robot thingy. The Incredibles was basically my entire life as a little kid. My brother and I would put the raccoon masks on and cheer on The Incredibles the entire movie and after that we’d run outside and wrestle. I’d be Mr. Incredible and he’d be Dash. We would throw each other all over the place until one of us got punched in the face to hard and started crying.

Without The Incredibles my childhood would be less joyful. My brother and I remember all the characters by name and sometimes every once and a while watch it again and it never gets old

My Favorite Apps

YouTube, if your looking for anything funny, random, sports related, techy, I could go on and on about all the genres of videos they have, but that would take me all day long because there are so many different videos. I use it for funny channels like Life According to Jimmy. Also it can help you with sports activities like football and track. I use it this way to look at the write form of hurdling and how to improve your 40- yard dash time. YouTube also has all the upcoming movie trailers which I love to watch and see what movie I want to see with my friends.

Netflix, think of any show or movie you’d like to see, it’s probably on Netflix. I can watch any breaking bad episode anytime I want at any place with the Netflix app on my phone. They have all the 30 for 30 ESPN documentaries on Netflix, I love those documentaries they always have the best sports stories. Yet another thing I can watch anywhere.

The NCAA March Madness app, is the best app around this time of year you can make 5 different brackets and watch all the games live right there on your iPad. If you get every single game correct you can win a ton of money. Plus this app is totally free, and I know I’ll be trying to win money next year.

My favorite place in Austin

If I could be anywhere in Austin at any time, I would be at south congress downtown. I love all the stores and great places to eat, I like it so much I’m gonna tell you about it.

My favorite place to eat is Hop Doddys, if you love high quality burgers this is the place for you. There burgers have top grade patties with super crunchy lettuce and there milkshakes are the best thing I have ever tasted. Right across the streets home slice with tons of people going in and out. There pizza is also amazing and the waiters are always happy. They also have a ping pong table so you can hang out with your friends.

When the summers are hot snow beach is probably the best place to cool down. I love there cherry flavor. It has that really soft snow like stuff instead of the ice. I hope I gave you some great places to go if you ever come to our great city.

The Phantoms Lair

Sadness - I Miss You
Photo Credit: Simon & His Camera via Compfight

I stumbled into that dreadful lair, and immediately I was hit by a wave of pure stench. A low fog covered the ground, cracked skulls and dead mice were everywhere. The ground was wet and slippery with some kind of slime. I thought I heard ghosts howling in the distance, a cold chill shot down my spine. I continued down the disturbing path.

I could see a chair or something further ahead, but it was too dark. I walked a little closer, and a disgusting sight appeared there was half a mask laying on the floor and a man weeping. I went and hid behind a rock to get a closer look without him seeing me. He turned around, half his face was twisted and burned. The other part was fine, when they said the phantom was a horrible person, I didn’t think he’d be as bad as what they said. But now he seems a whole lot worse then what they said.

I couldn’t take it any more I jumped up and sprinted back the way I came, but the trail was a long one. The phantom was catching on me and I slipped on the gross slime, he jumped on me and I saw everything. The face was twisted and disturbed, but deep inside his eyes you could see years of being tormented and hated. I kicked him off of me, and with all the strength I had claimed back through the mirror and thought. What had made him that way?

Why Netflix is Amazing

What show sounds good today? Maybe The Walking Dead or Prison Break, oh here it is my favorite Breaking Bad. I love Netflix it gives you a ton of great shows and movies for a super low cost. When I’m done with homework and sports which usually happens at around 11:00 at night, I go to sleep, but when I don’t have any homework, I love to plop down on the couch and watch Netflix. I know I’m not the only person who enjoys it, and I’m going to tell you why millions of people think Netflix is amazing.

One reason Netflix is amazing , there’s like endless movies and shows too watch. I like the TV shows because you don’t have to wait for the next week to see you’re favorite show, when you’re done with an episode it goes right to the next one. You don’t have to worry about upgrading or anything to get new episodes Netflix does if for you automatically!

Another reason is Netflix has a free app you can get on the App Store just type in Netflix and you can download it onto your phone or Ipad, which is perfect for long road trips or even airplanes. Netflix isn’t even hard to understand, it has different category’s like recently watched. Based off of what you what you watch it makes a top picks for you!

I hope this will make you want to join millions of people around the world who have and love Netflix, because it’s basically amazing.


We were all excited the previews were all done and the movie I’ve been dying to see has finally started. The only bad thing- I already had a crick in my neck from looking almost straight up at the screen. The theatre was packed, since there was six of us there was no way we could get a decent seat arriving 5 minutes before the movie started.

I think Non-Stop could’ve been one of the best movies I’ve seen all year. It had Liam Neeson in it who seemed like the perfect guy to do that part. Ok, I’m going to try to explain the movie without spoiling it. In the movie Liam Neeson plays a Air Marshal, the flight seems to be going smoothly until he receives a series of texts from an unknown number saying he wanted 150 million dollars wired to his account or else he’d kill one person on the plain every twenty minutes. So Liam Neeson calls TSA and figures out who’s account it is. They call him back and say “we don’t negotiate with terrorists, this account belongs to you. Anyways I’ll let you guys watch it, because it gets a lot better.

I think this movie could be movie of the year but a lot of good movies have already came out like Catching Fire, so it’s going to be hard to compete but I think it’s at least top ten. I hope you guys go see it, cause I loved it.


We had our first track meet on Thursday! It was lots of fun but so nerve racking also, when you walk up to the blocks and get ready. the wait for the gun to go off seems like it lasts 20 years. I put in a lot of hard work trying to get my form down for the hurdles, the very first time you try to jump one it seems like trying to hump 20 feet tall walls. But after a couple try’s, and a couple scraped knees it seems easy.

Anyways at the track meet it was time for my heat with two other people from west ridge and three from Hill country. I set up my blocks just right, and when the gun with off I shot off like a rocket. I held the lead for the first 105 meters clearing every single hurdle perfectly, until the very last one where I lost my steps and the guy behind me, he just nearly beat me to the line, I was so disappointed, I wanted first so bad, and it was swept away just like that. I did ok in the 100 and 200 meter dash, but I’ll always remember my first 110 hurdles.

I can’t wait for the next meet and with more hard work and dedication I’m sure I’ll get better first place in anything seems like a long way away but to secceed you need to fail sometime.

Why the Winter Olympics Are Interesting

Yes the Winter Olympics are finally here. I’ve been dying to see the snowboarders and downhill skiers go flying through the air. I thought it would be cool to go to Sochi- but now it seems like a weird thing to do. This is why Russia has been interesting.

One people in the hotels have reported strange things like they can’t wash there face, because the water has dangerous chemicals in it. Also just this morning yellow tap water came right out of the sink faucet- ya just a little bit. Weird. Another strange thing that has happened was Russia destroyed tons of houses to make the massive Olympic stadium. The opening sermonizes were rather funny when 5 stars were supposed to expand into the 5 Olympic Rings, but only 4 expanded with just one sitting there.

But the actual Olympics have been amazing, with a new sport the snowboard slope style. Slope style is where snowboarders go off the rails and then go flying over huge jumps where they do flips and other mind-boggling tricks. U.S.A got gold in both male and female which is pretty awesome. While the woman’s downhill was very scary when Czech snowboarder Sharka Pankachova cracked her helmet open when she nailed the ground off a large jump.

Another cool things is that the gold meddles have small chunks of the asteroid that hit Russia a year ago. Personally I’d rather have just a plain gold medal, but I guess it’s pretty cool. So anyways the Olympics have been rather interesting this year and hopefully U.S.A will win gold in most category’s.

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